Cost effective glass fiber for solar lighting

ProjectCost effective glass fiber for solar lighting

Cost effective glass fiber for solar lighting

Fiber optic solar lighting systems can provide natural daylight in buildings, road tunnels, parking garages, and other buildings.

The fibers used for solar lighting are typically plastic fiber, a low cost alternative to large core silica fiber. The plastic fiber however, gives the daylight a color shift, and has limitations in the distance that the systems can be used to carry daylight.

The project investigates alternative methods of producting optical fibers, custom designed for solar lighting. In the project, SP Glafo develops optimized glasses for optical fibers to be used in solar lighting, Acreo will investigate cost effective fiber drawing methods.

About the project

Project objective: To study alternative methods of fiber optics for solar lighting.
Project members: Acreo, SP Glafo, Parans Solar Lighting AB, Uppsala University.
Funding: Vinnova
Acreo contact: Lars Norin, lars.norin [at], ph: +46 650 366 14.