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PRESSRELEASE 2016-11-10: Recommendations to advance digital homecare, benefitting everyone

PRESSRELEASE: Connected for health project launched

Sweden and Finland have built FTTH networks in the past few years, often driven by municipalities and regions that want to build an open infrastructure for society. One of the most interesting and talked about application is eHealth. The EU-pilot-project Connected for health, will explore the possibilities of open fiber networks for health care.

The general objective of a new pilot-project is to identify, test and evaluate new and existing systems and services, such as face-to-face video services, for providing accessible home health care over open FTTH networks. The overall goal is to create the most suitable, user friendly and cost-efficient combinations of systems for individual needs of patients and clients, to corroborate profitable and usable models and/or best practices for accessible home healthcare.

Four pilot studies

Four pilots will be carried out with real end-users in sparsely populated areas in Finland and Sweden, with world-class open access FTTH networks and in Denmark in sparsely populated areas with limited network access as well as in more densely populated areas with high quality network access. test the most promising eHealth and home-care services in four pilots with the goal to explore, identify and test new and existing eHealth solutions

For the successful implementation of the pilot activities, a strong consortium of 13 public health and social care providers, academic institutions and FTTH network experts has been built with participants from Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. 

Kickoff in Stockholm

The project starts with a seminar in Stockholm June 11 2015 called "FTTH and eHealth: experiences, challenges, solutions". The seminar brings together key stakeholders within eHealth and home care, to share experiences, discuss challenges and will present the solutions that the project will implement and evaluate. The presentation line-up includes Connected for Health researchers, policy makers and business people, as well as guests from high-profile actors in Sweden.

The full name of the new project is "Pilot project – Connected for Health: Well-Being and Healthcare Solutions in Open Access FTTH Networks". It is financed by the European Commission. It is coordinated by the Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia and Acreo Swedish ICT is the Swedish coordinator. SICS Swedish ICT is also a partner in the project.