COLAE a network for faster commercialisation of organic and large area electronics

ProjectCommercialisation of organic and large-area electronics

Commercialisation of organic and large-area electronics

Europe’s leading organic and large-area electronics (OLAE) organisations have joined forces in the Framework 7 project COLAE, which aims to speed up the commercialisation and adoption of organic and large area electronics by promoting collaboration between industry clusters throughout Europe. COLAE will utilise the resources and know-how of the project partners to provide tools and services for the existing organic electronics industry, as well as supporting the entry of new players.

Discover - Explore the opportunities within organic electronics and understand how to apply them to your industry

Learn - From first steps to specialisation we provide customised training courses to develop knowledge and skills and enable entrepreneurship

Connect - Create links across the value chain and network with expert clusters to influence and collaborate

Commercialise - Take your products and processes to market by utilising our open access facilities to minimise risk and speed up development programmes.


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