Carbon Capture and Storage

ProjectCO2 sensing for Carbon Capture and Storage

CO2 sensing for Carbon Capture and Storage

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) processes are developed to prevent the release of large quantities of carbon dioxide (CO2) to the atmosphere. There are already several international sites demonstrating the technical and economical feasibility of the CCS process. A general concern is the long term safety and integrity of the storage systems, so that no CO2 leaks from the reservoirs.  

In a collaboration project between Acreo, Fibertronix and SenseAir, we are studying new distributed sensor technologies for monitoring pressure and CO2 levels in the harsh environments envisaged at CCS sites.

The three Swedish partners complement each other very well. Acreo has long experience in the development of advanced and robust sensor technologies. SenseAir is a world leading produced of carbon dioxide sensors, and Fibertronix has a broad product line of specialty fiber optics solutions for harsh environment sensing.

In a Swedish-Brazilian consortium, the systems solutions are developed at the Catholic University of Rio, in tight collaboration with the Brazilian energy company Petrobras.  

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