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BioCom Lab – An initiative towards the intra-body network

BioCom Lab is a research, development, commercialization, and think tank initiative of Acreo Swedish ICT AB and Linköping University Campus Norrköping to take a holistic approach towards an intra-body network, with a focus on eHealth by integration of sensing, monitoring, prediction, analysis, data handling, and treatment. Utilizing key competence within at the research and development site in Norrköping together with collaborators, the initiative has created a bioelectronic smart system with novel components and unique functionalities. An intra-body network – a personalized web, comprised of sensors, bioelectronic actuators, and secure communication technology – is proposed. In part, this platform makes it possible to record and monitor our ambience, as well as a large number of critical health status parameters. Together with big-data analysis and suggested actuator and drug-delivery devices, a treatment regimen is derived that provides high-speed feedback between diagnosis and auto-regulated therapy. This platform will thus enable a radically new, dynamic, and highly-personalized approach to healthcare. The intra-body network will be supported by the ubiquitous mobile network and the resources of the “cloud”. The resulting smart system concept can be applied to an array of diseases, ranging from acute to chronic disorders. BioCom Lab will enable powerful tools to improve life quality, significantly reduce healthcare costs, and let human resources be refocused to where they matters most, the relational continuity with the patient.

In the BioCom Lab, industry and research organisations form a joint team to establish necessary technology and communication systems. Further, the initiative will include providers and organisations to develop and verify healthcare services. In the BioCom Lab, members participate on a mutually non-competitive basis; no members are competing on the same market or with similar products.

We invite organizations to join the BioCom Lab initiative. Your organization will:

  • Be invited to actively participate in sub-projects that will benefit and develop the future product portfolio of your organization.
  • Influence and form the BioCom Lab goals, specifications, and work-plans that will guide the activity at the laboratories of the research and development providers.
  • Receive exclusive access to product- or service-specific results and IPR.
  • Join workshops, seminars, and exchange programs.
  • Obtain reports describing non-product-specific project results. Project-specific results will be communicated on a bi-lateral basis.

Your organization commits to:

  • Support the BioCom Lab financially.
  • Be a BioCom Lab member for at least 3 years.
  • Represent your organization with a contact person and serve as a member of the BioCom Lab general assembly.

Further reading:

Nature commentary article related to BioCom Lab:

The Body Electric, Nature 528, 26–28 (03 December 2015) doi:10.1038/528026a

Excerpts of key competence and novel components of BioCom Lab:

For general information about Printed Electronics and Bioelectronics at Acreo

For general information about Printed Electronics and Bioelectronics at LiU


Printed disposable biosensors

Printed Electrochemical Instruments for Biosensors, ECS Journal of Solid State Science and Technology, Vol. 4, nr 10

Organic Bioelectronic ionpumps and drug-delivery systems

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Therapy using implanted organic bioelectronics Science Advances  08 May 2015: Vol. 1, no. 4,

Smart intra-body network:

Printed devices that use the body as a wire (Presented at Ericsson’s webpage)

A Think Tank

BioCom Lab is also a think tank for a wider view of the future connected body. Acreo together with partners and YOU creates the content of the intra-body-network. Let our competence and technical expertise inspire and let us be innovative together in a coming healthcare revolution!


Peter Kjäll
Business Area Manager Life Science / Development Manager BioComLab
peter.kjall [at]
+46 (0)70 789 09 33

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