ALPHA, Architectures for fLexible Photonic Home and Access networks

The ALPHA consortium, consisting of European telecom operators, system vendors, research institutes and universities, addresses the challenges of building the future access and in-building networks with support for the transport of 2G/3G/B3G -based services.

Main ALPHA Objectives

Building the future access and in-building networks with support for 2G/3G/B3G transport

The next generation of broadband services will require a very high-speed (likely, well above 1 Gb/s) Quality-of-Service provisioned connectivity to the end-user with corresponding capacities at the aggregation points and larger networks. It is also likely that the future broadband network will encompass and support mobile communication by providing transport to 2G/3G and Beyond 3G (B3G)-based services.

The ALPHA project investigates innovative architectural and transmission solutions based on the manifold of optical fibres (single-, multi-mode and plastic) as well as wireless technology to support both wired and wireless services in a converged network infrastructure. The focus is on using the newest physical layer achievements, architecture solutions and adequate control and management to reach a yet unprecedented end-to-end provisioned capacity for access and in-building networks at a fraction of the price of today’s technologies and to simultaneously include the transport of existing 2G/3G and Beyond 3G (B3G) signals whether they are Internet Protocol (IP) or non-IP-based.

Project details

Duration: Jan 1, 2008 – Mar 31, 2011
Total Cost: €16.5 m
EC Contribution: €11.2 m
Partners: Acreo AB (SE), France Telecom (FR), Alcatel-Lucent France (FR), Polytechnic University of Valencia (ES), Andrew Wireless Systems (IT), University of Bologna (IT), Telefonica I+D (ES), Technical University of Eindhoven (NL), Telsey S.p.A. (IT), Bangor University (UK), Politecnico di Torino (IT), Luceat S.p.A. (IT), Interdisciplinair Instituut Voor Breedbandtechnologie vzw (BE), Danish University of Technology (DK), Homefibre Digital Network GmbH (AT), 3S Photonics (FR), Telekomunikacja Polska R&D (PL).
Project Coordinator: Dr. Mikhail Popov Acreo AB, Sweden
Project website:
Results: Facts and results from project ALPHA,
more Project results: Plug and Play 20 Gb/s modems using off the shelf components.

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