79 GHz UWB Imaging Radar Sensor

Increasing Traffic Safety with new 79GHz Radar Technology

To achieve the Swedish Transportation Agency’s “Nollvisionen” (zero traffic-related fatalities) and the EUs traffic safety goal for 2020 is a big challenge.  Smarter and more intelligent monitoring systems based on high frequency radar are one of the solutions to reduce the number of traffic accidents on the roads and railways.  Now DENSO, Qamcom, Amparo Solutions and RISE Acreo are jointly developing the next generation of radar sensors for improved traffic safety.

The idea of the project is to build a radar sensor platform for the implementation of an ultra-wideband (UWB) radar sensor operating in the 76-81 GHz frequency band. The beyond state-of-the-art instantaneous bandwidth (5 GHz) will provide an improvement in radar range resolution. Although this is an active area of research, products operating within this band do not exist on the market today. The required chipsets are now becoming available from semiconductor suppliers.

Working in cooperation with the chipset suppliers, a radar sensor hardware prototype platform will be design based on early commercial samples of these radar chipsets and a custom designed high frequency PCB. The mm-wave PCB will include a multi-channel array antenna aperture design for transmitting and receiving millimeter wave radar signals along with the appropriate interface electronics.  A radar sensor front-end will be designed to interface with a digital back-end for advanced radar signal processing functions.

Through the combined expertise of the partners in microwave systems, radar signal processing and application know-how, a state-of-the-art radar sensor platform will be developed to explore and produce innovations in:

  1. Operating mm-wave bandwidth and corresponding radar resolution
  2. Novel UWB multi-channel patch array antenna apertures
  3. UWB radar signal processing algorithms for improved object detection, estimation (range, velocity, and angle), classification and tracking
  4. Real-time on-line sensor monitoring and calibration techniques
  5. Automotive safety, railroad crossing monitoring and other applications

This project proposes to build and strengthen this competence applying it to new emerging commercial markets for millimeter wave radar (e.g. railroad-crossing monitoring and automotive safety). A high-performance W-band radar sensor platform will established this research and development area in Sweden, and allow the consortium to develop customized radar sensor systems with higher performance and lower cost than today’s products to its existing customers.


Project Details

Project Funding: Strategic Innovation Program for Smarter Electronic Systems, a joint venture by VINNOVA, FORMAS and the Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten)

Project Label (Diarienummer):  2015-01351

Project Partners:  Denso Sales Sweden AB, Amparo Solutions AB, Quamcom Research & Technology AB, RISE Acreo AB (former Acreo Swedish ICT Research AB)

Project Coordinator:  Denso Sales Sweden AB

Project Duration:  2 years

Project Budget:  8.42 MSEK, 4.0MSEK Vinnova

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