Customer stories: Project coaching from acreo swedish ict helps medical company zenicor expand its business

Small and medium-sized companies can benefit from research institutes in many ways. Zenicor Medical Systems, a company that develops and markets equipment for monitoring cardiac patients outside the hospital, was supported with project coaching from Acreo in a development project that was critical for an international expansion. Together with Acreo and two other project partners, Zenicor managed to integrate new functionality in their product.

For a large part of the approximately 30,000 individuals who have a stroke in Sweden each year, the underlying cause is undetected and untreated cardiac arrhythmias. One method to reduce the numbers affected is to screen individuals in risk groups, in order to discover the heart irregularities at an early stage.

Zenicor Medical Systems has developed mobile ECG equipment for monitoring cardiac patients outside the hospital. Instead of visiting the hospital, the patients can conduct heart screening tests themselves. The result is sent to an Internet database, accessible for medical personnel.

In an effort to expand the market outside the Nordics, Zenicor needed to integrate new functionality into the product. The user management and traceability had to be improved, as well as the capacity to manage large amounts of data. The product also needed support for different languages – German, French, Finnish, Norwegian, and Danish.

In a seven-month research and development project partly financed through Vinnova’s innovation check system (InnovationsCheck), the improvements could be completed. Prevas was responsible for development and programming and EpiQ Life Science for the system design part of the project.

Acreo’s department for Tech transfer and Business development of SMEs, acted as project coach, assisting in the financing stage of the project, making sure milestones during the project were met, and served as a discussion partner.

“We target small and medium-sized enterprises with growth potential. They should have their own product, service or production process. We analyze if the IC Technology can be integrated into the SME’s product, service or production in order to improve the business opportunities,” says Stellan Granström at Acreo Swedish ICT, working with companies in the life science sector.

“We are a small company. To get this project financed and to develop our product was a very important step in our geographic expansion. With the improved product, we estimate that it’s possible to increase our annual sales from 7 MSEK to 15 MSEK within two to three years,” says Mats Palerius at Zenicor.

Project partners

Zenicor Medical Systems, Prevas, EpiQ Life Science


Stellan Granström, stellan.granstrom [at]