R&D and innovation projects

One of our strengths is our focus on both excellence and innovation and we are proud to have some of the most reputed scientists within the areas of electronics, optics and communication technologies. We are, in fact, world-leading within areas such as printed electronics and specialty optical fibers. We are also strong on sensors and sensor systems for a variety of applications; Medtech, Energy and Resource efficiency to mention a few.

Contract Research

Having the knowledge and experience from both academia and industry we take research one step further and develop new technology platforms that help industrial partners to innovate their products or processer, to enter a new market or to gain a leading edge in a tough international competition.

Our research aims to find solutions for the demands of the future; creating sustainable value for both industry, society and the environment. The research is carried out in our own facilities and in close collaboration

We often conduct research in close collaboration with industry partners, research institutes and academia - in joint projects partly funded with national or European funding.

Development and research based consulting

As you independent R&D-partner, we can also provide pre-studies and research-based consulting for customers who need analysis, investigations and/or verifications and tests. Beside a deep knowledge within sensors and material sciences we also have many years of experience in optical networks, network architecture, user-oriented network development and business development in the broadband infrastructure.

Our areas of technical expertise:

Broadband Technology
Fiber Optics
Micro – and Nano Technologies
Printed Electronics
Sensor Systems
Power Electronics

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Please contact us at info [at] acreo.se.

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