OPEN SOFTWARE: SWSW "Software Switch"

SWSW ("Software Switch") is a highly configurable Ethernet switch running in user space. The switch supports several recent Ethernet amendments such as Provider Bridges (802.1AD) and Provider Backbone Bridges (802.1AH).

It is perfect when you need to have an extendible and controllable switch, for example when there is a need to control a switch from a control plane. It can also be extended to support new and experimental protocol, including protocols above Ethernet. (Some IP support already exists).


  • Support for Provider Backbone Bridges (802.1AH).
  • Support for Provider Bridges (802.1AD).
  • Fine grade of control via XML based configuration messages.
  • Reconfiguration at any time via TCP based communication protocol.
  • Good performance for a user space solution.


Version 0.1

Version history


  • Version 0.1: Initial release of swsw.