Licensing and Products


As an independent non-profit research institute, we facilitate research to strengthen industry and SMEs. When we develop new technology solutions, the platforms are often of a generic nature and may solve problems in many different application areas. The basic technology platforms are also often results from research investments during several years. As a substantial part of our operation is governmental funded, the overall mission is to spread the new technologies for the benefit of all different parts of industry. It is therefore our duty to ensure that as many companies as possible are benefiting from our R&D and to avoid lock-ins. Since we need to retain the ownership of results, we offer customers licenses to particular solutions in particular applications.

We can offer licenses to a variety of advanced technical platforms, mainly within different types of sensor solutions such as printed, inertial, fiber optics and magnetic sensors solutions.

Are you interested in licensing?

Contact Gert Andersson (Sensor Systems) or Göran Gustafsson (Printed Electronics)

You find some of our patents here


RISE Acreos expertise in advanced sensor technology has enabled us to develop unique products with excellent quality. We can also offer small scale production of the instrument products below, in particular products within Motion, AC Susceptometry and Magnetoelastic resonance. Click on the products below to learn more.

For further information about our products, please contact:

Peter Björkholm
peter.bjorkholm [at]
+46 709151809