RISE Acreo AB is owned by RISE ICT (Swedish ICT Research AB), which is owned by the Swedish government through RISE AB.

RISE ICT gathers research institutes in the Information and Communication Technology area (ICT). The mission of RISE ICT is to contribute to sustainable growth, profitability and competitiveness of industry and society by providing new knowledge and expertise in strategic areas of ICT. Together the institutes in the group hold competence in the whole ICT area, ranging from hardware to software. RISE ICT consists of:

  • RISE Acreo
  • RISE Interactive
  • RISE Viktoria

Owner of RISE ICT (Swedish ICT Research AB) is RISE AB (100 %) which is a company owned by the Swedish Ministry for Industry.

For more information about RISE ICT (Swedish ICT Research AB) visit www.swedishict.se

For more information about RISE AB visit www.ri.se