SME Development process



First Company meeting and aNALYSIS

1-3 meetings for:

  • Technology audit and business review.
  • Assistance in analysis of market position and opportunities.
  • Company assessment and need analysis.

    Outcome: Action plan proposal

Skills development

  • Access to national and international experts
  • Finding funds for pre-studies and feasibility studies
  • Learning by doing

    Outcome: Increased knowledge

Business development

To develop your business we provide support in terms of:

  • Predefined work-shop formats for evaluation of business opportunities and business planning.
  • Review of project planning, management and organization.
  • Risk analysis and assessment.
  • IPR related issues
  • Links to national, EU and international R&D and SME support programmes.

Outcome: Revised business plan

Product development

With increased skills, new knowledge and a revised business plan, new products and services can be developed. For your product development we offer our advice and support for:

  • Integration of ICT in products, services or processes.
  • Project planning and set-up.
  • Access to R&D facilities at Swedish ICT and our complete range of expertise.
  • Access to networks for international cooperation projects.
  • Finding funds for R&D project.

Outcome: R&D Project planning and implementation.


Expanding your business with new products often requires an international expansion. We offer advice and support in:

  • Internationalization.
  • Information about EU regulations and standards.
  • Partner search for business or technology cooperations.
  • Business model review.
  • Access to international matchmaking events.

Outcome: International cooperations.

Access to Financing and Funding

We don't finance or fund any projects ourselves, but we'll help you find the right funds for your projects. In Sweden and in Europe there are several funding opportunities for companies that want to develop their business through R&D activities. We have long experience of working with these programs and can help you choose the one that suits you best among: