Our Mission: Innovation for Sustainable Growth


"RISE Acreo contributes to increased competitiveness, growth and entrepreneurship by refining and transferring research results into viable products and processes in electronics, optics and communication technology."

Creating value through research is our mission and one way of evaluating this is to study the  growth of our spin-offcompanies. During the 10 year period RISE Acreo has spun off 20 new companies and transferred more than 100 highly competent experts to the industry.

Our Vision

Within the group Swedish ICT we have a common vision: ICT for a sustainable and better life for everyone.

The Acreo Story

RISE Acreo was formed 1999 through the merger of the two research institutes IMC and IOF, dated back to the 50’s and 60’s, respectively, forming a larger enterprise building on profound competence and long term R&D experience in electronics and optics. By looking at the continuous achievements the initial business concept is evidently still valid: To develop, refine och transfer R&D results into industry processes and products, and to encourage and participate in co-operation between enterprises and universities. It is further strengthened by the addition of the area of communication technology and other new specialities within electronics and optics.

Acreo has attracted thousands of partners from all over the world in various projects over the years. With the focus on hardware oriented ICT, Acreo has widened its competence profile by starting up new areas and capabilities such as printed electronics, bioelectronics, broadband and communication technology, and specialty fiber production. Over all, ICT is an enabling technology in many areas and Acreo has thus broadened its ability to address problems in a variety of application areas.

With our staff of highly qualified professional researchers with various backgrounds and experience we see the possibilities and opportunities for new solutions, in which our technology platforms meet the requirements from our customers’ different applications.