Telecompaper: Norwegian start-up Polewall sucessfully tests 5G system

5 April, 2017 - 12:21

Norwegian start-up Polewall said it has successfully completed testing of an optical wireless 200 Gbps 5G system alongside Tier 1 suppliers, based on infrared light. The company is based in Kristiansand and was working with existing collaborator RISE Acreo, a Swedish fibre-optic communications research institute. A 1 Gbps version is ready for commercialisation and it is posed to market 100 Gbps and faster speeds in response to demand.

Polewall CEO and founder Jan Eide said that the company ran 100 Gbps at 1310 nm and 100 Gbps at 1550 nm, combined over the same link at the same time. It measured the results with two 100 Gbps test sets and is pleased with the results, which were error-free.

Targeting small cells and 5G, Polewall has developed a compact, low-cost, optical wireless transport platform capable of transmitting front and backhaul traffic for distances of up to 250 meters.

Dr. Evgeny Vanin of RISE Acreo said that optical wireless transport, also called Free Space Optics (FSO), has been around since the 1970s, but has historically not had much commercial success. Driven by consumer demand for mobile bandwidth, operators are now looking for rapid and low cost means of connecting densely deployed 4G and 5G access points. To meet roll-out targets, operators have to use every tool available in the kit. The technology uses infrared light and is therefore interference-free.

Polewall provides high bandwidth fronthaul and backhaul products for small cells, FTTx, LAN Bridging and vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity. Its Polewall StreetHopper is able to deliver fibre-like speeds and latencies in an easy-to-deploy package, it said.


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