Swedish broadband experts assist Italian region

3 July, 2012 - 15:00

Swedish broadband experts assist Italian region

2012-07-03: The Swedish R&D-institute Acreo has been commissioned by Trentino Network to analyse the business case for fibre-based broadband infrastructure. The assignment is based on experiences from the Swedish broadband development, and shall describe different solutions and success factors.

Acreo´s assignment is to produce a set of case studies of public municipal and regional fibre deployments, to support Network’s effort to deploy an FTTH network with a functioning business model in Trentino, and to present the alternative solutions that a region can use for an extensive fiber infrastructure. The aim is also to describe important principles (guiding principles) on transparency and competitive neutrality

“This is an important contract for us at Acreo, where we are investigating various technical and business solutions for fibre-based broadband networks, as well as their impact on the economic growth of region”, says Marco Forzati, project manager at Acreo.

Trentino Network is a public-owned regional company that will build a fibre network throughout the region of Trentino in Italy.

More information: Marco Forzati, Acreo, marco.forzati(at)acreo.se

About AcreoAcreo AB is a research company which develops competence in electronics, optics and communication technology and has as a goal to turn research into commercially viable products and processes.

In particular, Acreo conducts extensive technical, socio-economic, and business development studies on fibre-based networks. Such studies are made both in the context of major research projects, as well as projects on behalf of external organizations, such as municipalities, regions, and national and international organisation.

About Trentino NetworkTrentino Network is a local government held company situated in Trento, Italy. Its mission is twofold: (i) to build the fiber optic and radio networking infrastructure in the Trentino region and (ii) to design and implement communications services and applications for the local government and municipalities. The fiber optics infrastructure is composed by a backbone of more than 800 Km that runs through all the valleys and is in the phase of completion by this year. At the time being, a radio infrastructure with more than 760 Access Points is active by which it is possible to bring broadband services to the end user. The adopted radio technologies are Wi-Fi and Hiperlan. Also high mountains huts have been reached. The main services provided to the local government and municipalities are: IP and internet interconnection; the internet infrastructure is connected to the two main Italian internet exchanges (Milan Internet Exchange MIX and Rome Internet Exchange NAMEX), and in Frankfurt and Amsterdam; VoIP services which are based on open source technologies, and videoconference services both personal and room services. By 2018 Trentino Network has the mandate to deploy a FTTH network in rural and montains areas of Trentino, including around 170 municipalities, for an overall investment of about 200 million euros.