Radiation Detection and Imaging Platform

6 May, 2014 - 15:10

Acreo Swedish ICT, MidSweden University and Uppsala University are now starting up a partner network on Radiation detection and Imaging technology.

The general idea is to connect companies, institutes, universities, and research infrastructures like CERN, in Sweden and internationally, in order to share resources and information. Especially there are several existing networks and competence centers like ERDIT (European Radiation and Imaging Technologies) and Acreo’s IMAGIC that in this way will be linked. The goal is to create cooperation between the companies (BTB), between companies and academia, and provide access to test and demonstrator facilities for production and measurement of detectors and imaging devices and modules. Another goal is to in various ways affect the EU programs in order to adequately focus on radiation detectors and image sensors.


Contact Persons

Christer.Frojdh [at] miun.se (Christer Fröjdh), MidSweden University - Project Manager
jan.andersson [at] acreo.se (Jan Andersson), Acreo Swedish ICT
richard.brenner [at] cern.ch (Richard Brenner), Uppsala University