NKT Photonics opens optical materials facility in Hudiksvall

11 April, 2018 - 00:00

NKT Photonics and RISE Acreo have collaborated on the development of silica glass for fiber lasers for more than a decade. This glass is a key component in the high performance optical fibers and fiber lasers, that NKT Photonics is known for.

This partnership is now further strengthened as NKT Photonics opens a Swedish subsidiary in Hudiksvall, investing in infrastructure and expertise that will bring the development and production of new and better silica glass to the next level.

“NKT Photonics is a leader in their field, and to have this high-tech company investing in Sweden is an excellent opportunity for RISE Acreo, for the Fiber Optic Valley cluster, and for Swedish photonics.”, says Åsa Claesson, manager of RISE Acreo’s fiber optics lab in Hudiksvall.

Thomas Tanggaard Alkeskjold, Director of R&D at NKT Photonics, adds:

“In our many years of collaboration, Acreo has always delivered high quality, and their vast knowledge within optical materials has been key to our development of high performance optical fibers. Therefore, we are pleased to strengthen our partnership by investing in both people and infrastructure, and opening a site for development and manufacturing of next generation materials for NKT Photonics’ fiber laser platform.”

The facility opens officially in April 2018 and two engineers and scientists from Acreo will join NKT Photonics at the start.


For more information, please contact:

thomas.alkeskjold [at] nktphotonics.com (Thomas Tanggaard Alkeskjold), +45 2876 6347, Director of R&D at NKT Photonics or
asa.claesson [at] ri.se (Åsa Claesson)  +46 70-221 1646, Manager at RISE Acreo Fiberlab


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