In news: Smart energy optimization via energy harvesting

25 February, 2014 - 07:23

With energy harvesting, autonomous sensor systems could become self-sufficient. that is the goal for our new research program, high lighted in the magazine Elektronik i Norden.

The Innovation ICT-project, SEHPMET, stands for Smart energy optimization via energy harvesting utilizing new Swedish piezo mems technology. It addresses the dramatically increasing demand for future low-cost energy-efficient autonomous sensor systems for the so called Internet-of-Things (IoT). The overall goal is research and development of a ground-breaking, general, integrated energy-harvesting platform that meet industry and community needs for energy efficiency.

The project is led by the world-leading Swedish MEMS-producer Silex Microsystems in cooperation with Acreo Swedish ICT and Linköping University. Silex wants to strengthen Sweden's position in this rapidly growing market and will, initially, focus on self-powered vehicular wireless sensor systems for tire pressure, speed, and strain monitoring.

- It is a huge technical challenge to fundamentally develop inexpensive micro system that is self-sufficient in energy. But it is required to fulfill the vision of the Internet of Things, wherethe most ordinary things are supposed to  communicate with each other, says Thorbjorn Ebefors, Technical Manager at Silex Microsystems AB.

The total budget for SEHPMET is over 1 million EURO (8,9 MSEK) were VINNOVA finances 5,8 MSEK. The project started in November of 2013 and extends to early 2016.

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