BusinessKorea: LG Display CEO: ‘OLEDs Will Change Lifestyles

25 September, 2017 - 10:10

"OLEDs will change your lifestyle," stressed Yeo Sang-deok, president and the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of LG Display in his the opening keynote in the 2017 OLED Summit held at Hilton Hotel in San Francisco, the US from September 21 to 22.

The OLED Summit held by the International OLED Association is an authoritative event where about 300 distinguished scholars and specialists who take the lead in the global OLED market academia and industry gather together from around the world and exchange opinions about opinions about OLED technology development, market issues and the development directions of OLED technology every year. 

In the event that celebrates the 19th anniversary this year, LG Display showcased the latest OLED products such as U Wallpaper TV and a transparent display, CSO (Crystal Sound OLED) while delivered the opening keynote and made a presentation on OLED technology trends and market expansion among others through a conference.

Meanwhile, LG Display's OLED TVs recently received a certificate that proves that they can show second low intensity black from renowned UK certification authority Intertek and scored high points in color contrast, HDR coverage, viewing angles and others from Swedish professional picture quality evaluation organization RISE Acreo.

The evaluation results found that OLED TVs can express about 1,000 times deeper black than the latest LCD TVs, confirmed that their color expression capability is 60 times more powerful and their color change rate is 1.6 times better.

“TVs that can express black well offer excellent picture quality and are good for the eyes of viewers,” said a research team led by Sheedy, a professor at Pacific University in the United States in a recent research paper.

LG Display completed the registration of trademarks – “100% Pure Color,” “Perfect Black” and ”Zero Black” -- in order to protect the differentiated technology excellence of its OLED TVs.


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