Acreo Launches Fibertronix AB a Specialty Optical Fiber Company

1 January, 2009 - 13:00

Acreo Launches Fibertronix AB a Specialty Optical Fiber Company

Hudiksvall, 2009-01-01

Fibertronix AB develops and manufactures specialty optical fibers and fiber based solutions, targeting advanced and customized applications primarily in the oil and gas, military and avionics industries. Fibertronix is a spin-off from Acreo and with headquarter and manufacturing facilities based in Hudiksvall, Sweden.  Acreo has a long history of innovative research, product development and fiber production.

Fibertronix employs its proprietary manufacturing processes to develop state of the art standard and non-standard fiber products based on the research done at the Acreo Fiberlab. With a flexible production capability Fibertronix produces fibers with high level of optical and geometrical uniformity and batch to batch consistency.

Fibertronix quickly responds to the requirements of customers and can design, develop and produce fibers with the highest quality at cost competitive pricing. Fibertronix product portfolio includes a wide range of specialty fibers such as; polyimide, high temp acrylate and hermetic coated as well as pure core, high NA, large core, rare-earth doped, micro-structured custom fibers and preforms.

More information:

Fibertronix was launched by Acreo Fiberlab in December 2008. Headquarter and manufacturing are based in Hudiksvall, Sweden, and will be specialising in standard and non-standard specialty optical fiber products. For further information please visit

Acreo AB is widely recognised in Europe as a leader for the innovative optical fiber research that can be transferred to practical solutions for the demanding applications. Developing commercial initiatives that deliver profitable results is an Acreo mantra. The company has history of successful spin-off companies such as Proximion, Altitun, Silex and IRNova.

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