Acreo in new Chinese-Swedish R&D-project for recycling of aluminium

3 December, 2013 - 18:48

The new research project " Efficient recovery for the clean production of aluminum ", is a collaboration between Acreo Swedish ICT, Swerea KIMAB and Stena Recycling in Sweden and Lizhong Group in Guangzhou, China.

In spring 2013, Acreo and Swerea KIMAB pursued a feasibility study concerning the potential of a tool for online analysis (LIBS) to analyze scrap aluminum for increased recycling and reduced ecological footprint of aluminum production. The pilot study was run with the intention to form a joint research project with Chinese industry.

During a visit to China we met with representatives from large parts of the Chinese aluminum industry, which later led to a joint project proposal.

Now VINNOVA has decided to finance the project with 5 MSEk. The project has a total budget of 10 million Euros including industry contributions. The project will start immediately.

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