ProjectIPTV-interface: open source interface software for video quality monitoring

IPTV-interface: open source interface software for video quality monitoring

We hereby provide the IPTV interface as open source

Zip file containing software and manual - license terms

“The IPTVinterface program Version 3.16” (PDF with only the manual - license terms)

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The monitoring of the service quality is crucial to the successful operation of commercial internet services to end customers. Services such as IPTV, which require high available bandwidth, low latency and few transmission errors, are especially sensitive to network congestions.

Video quality measurements methods are often divided into three groups, full reference, reduced reference, and no reference, depending on how much of the reference or the original is available or needed by the method. The standard for video quality (image-only) measurements by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) covers full reference methods for standard definition TV e.g. (ITU-T, 2004). However, the standard covers four different methods, making it possible to measure with standardised methods and still come to different results.

The Video Quality Metric, which rated slightly better than the others during the Video Expert Group (VQEG) phase II test (VQEG, 2003), presents an additional advantage: it actually is a reduced reference method, meaning that only a small set of extracted parameters has to be transmitted between the origin and destination points, requiring low bandwidth.

There is a real-time implementation of the VQM called iVQM, which unfortunately cannot handle streaming video in a broadband network. Acreo has developed an acquisition module to allow streaming video to be fed to iVQM, enabling monitoring of IPTV channels. The software has been integrated and tested together with iVQM, but since its operation is to subscribe to an IPTV-channel, decode the stream for a specified period of time and then provide this to the caller, it is not limited to the use together with iVQM.


ITU-T, (2004). Objective perceptual video quality measurement techniques for digital cable television in the presence of full reference, (ITU-T Rec. J.144), International Telecommunication Union, Telecommunication standardization sector.

VQEG, (2003). Final report from the video quality experts group on the validation of objective models of video quality assessment, phase II, (VQEG FInal Report of FR-TV Phase II Validation Test), Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG).

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