Customer Stories: Improved Analysis Expected to Increase Sales

With support from Acreo Swedish ICT, Osstell AB has developed an idea for improved measurement of the status of dental implants, from testing to prototype. Osstell estimates that the improved instrument will lead to an increase in sales of approximately 40 Million SEK by 2018.

Measurement and analysis of the oscillation frequency in dental implants are used to obtain information about how well an implant is anchored to the jawbone. Osstell AB was founded in 1999 to commercialize an invention to control the clinical status of a dental implant.

The company has now been able to substantially improve its measurement methods to provide unique information on the status of an implant. By using a new type of sensing technique and data processing the measurements, the technology will provide the user with more information in less time.

Osstell has collaborated with Acreo Swedish ICT through the entire process from testing the idea to developing a prototype. The first goal was to test and verify the idea of a more advanced detection principle for modern dental implants. After promising results, Osstell received funding from VINNOVA program 2013 “Research & Grow” – first for a feasibility study and then to develop a prototype – with Acreo’s support.

Acreo contributed to the project by providing access to technology and expertise in product development and by supporting the application process for the feasibility study.

"The partnership with Acreo Swedish ICT improved the measuring functionality, and we expect to improve measurement precision for our users. Acreo’s contribution, both in terms of development and its assistance with the VINNOVA application, has been of great importance for us,” said Helena Johansson, CTO Osstell AB.

The development project was completed in the fall of 2014.

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