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Printed Electronics Arena Manufacturing

The Printed Electronics Arena Manufacturing (PEA Manufacturing) is a green house for the development of prototypes and small scale production of printed electronics.

PEA Manufacturing is a part of the Printed Electronics Arena which facilitates a laboratory and competence environment for large area and printed electronics. As an incubator PEA Manufacturing is open to anyone that would like to test printed electronics in their products and processes; start-up companies as well as established companies, universities and institutes in Sweden and the rest of the world alike.

The greenhouse gives the interested parties access to research, various manufacturing and printing ­methods as well as different support functions.

The Manufacturing incubator is perhaps the most fundamental part of the Printed Electronics Arena. The incubator is located in Norrköping Science Park (NOSP) and is run by Acreo on behalf of PEA. Acreo has transferred its complete manufacturing process to the incubator which means associates can have access to a wide range of equipment and materials. Examples are flat screen printing equipment, UV and heat dryers, dry phase patterning equipment, ink-jet printers and a Nilpeter reel to reel printing machine for screen and flexo. Equipment is important but without the expertise from researchers and operators it would be difficult for interested to make use of the facilities. Since PEA Manufacturing is run by Acreo competences are available in various areas such as graphic design, physics, chemistry, machine operation as well as project management.

New production techniques are opening up new opportunities. The field of printed electronics is developing fast, moving from research to end product. The technological platform already today includes a multitude of components ranging from transistors, conductors, resistances, displays and push buttons to batteries and antennas. All these components can and will be printed on the next generations’ packaging materials in the same way we use four-colour printing. Printed electronics adds intelligence to packaging and products which, in some ways, goes beyond the traditional understanding of electronics. Imagine applications like: hidden electronic codes indicating authenticity (electronic identification or e-id), transport loggers recording product conditions on an individual basis (humidity, temperature, freezing, de-frosting), timer functions to guarantee freshness, thermometers on chilled products (warm/cold drinks), displays and/or interactive messages to increase sales or provide important information about a product and medicine packaging that provide information as to if and when it has been taken and more. In order to facilitate the commercialization of new products in a world of opportunities Acreo has put together an offering in two of the research areas most advanced in terms of maturity.

  • PaperDisplay™ manufactures and sells low cost displays printed on paper substrates for applications in smart labels, smart packaging, printed matters, etc.
  • WebShape produces patterned laminated foils with a new, patented production method. The process, called Dry Phase Patterning (DPP) is up to ten times faster than traditional etching and uses no chemicals.

Complementary to the printed electronics platform established by Acreo and LiU, PEA Manufacturing is promoting printed electronics results from other parts of the world through disseminations in work shops and seminars as well as by the establishment of a printed electronics library. The library is a display case located on the PEA Manufacturing premises with evaluation kits and samples of printed electronics developed by actors in- and outside of the region. This gives associated companies the possibility to find the most efficient printed electronics solution to fit their needs.

As part of PEA Manufacturing’s goal, to make printed electronics available for all interested and lower the threshold for deployment of the technology, Norrköping Science Park (NOSP) offers traditional incubator activities. Smart entrepreneurs and promising business ideas are provided with the right conditions to develop into viable companies; with access to advice, expert knowledge, technical and finan­cial support as well as good premises. Soft Landing is a programme for foreign companies interested in establishing on the Swedish market. The companies are in a similar manner given access to a large network, professional advice and good premises. Both the traditional incubator and the Soft Landing programme give access to all the activities available at PEA-M and NOSP.

PEA Manufacturing was inaugurated in mid 2008 and has since then worked closely with entre­preneurs, different size companies and trade organizations. Associates may work on their own in the laboratory or consult the trained researchers and operators working at PEA Manufacturing to carry out the work.

The people behind PEA Manufacturing are looking forward to discuss your ideas!


Peter Andersson Ersman
Ph.D., Senior Scientist
+46 761 158855
peter.andersson.ersman [at]

Peter Dyreklev
PhD / Project Manager
+46 (0)761 15 88 65
peter.dyreklev [at]

Jesper Edberg
Research Scientist, PhD
+46 70 573 54 66
jesper.edberg [at]

Lars-Olov Hennerdal
Development Engineer
+46 (0)70 878 57 59
lars-olov.hennerdal [at]

Tommy Höglund
Process Manager
+46 (0)72 245 46 74
tommy.hoglund [at]

Roman Lassnig
Development Engineer
+46 (0)70 347 56 27
roman.lassnig [at]

Anna Malmström

+46 76 115 88 53
anna.malmstrom [at]

Marie Nilsson
Laboratory engineer
+46 (0)76 115 88 54
marie.nilsson [at]

David Nilsson
Research Scientist
+46 (0)76 115 88 62
david.nilsson [at]

Petronella Norberg
Group Manager, Project Manager
+46 (0)73 640 45 15
petronella.norberg [at]

Staffan Nordlinder
+46 (0) 708 200 811
staffan.nordlinder [at]

Mats Sandberg
Senior Researcher
+46 (0)76 1158859
mats.sandberg [at]

Xin Wang
Development Engineer
+46 (0)76 115 88 56 [at]

Jessica Åhlin
Laboratory Engineer
+46 (0)76 115 88 63
jessica.ahlin [at]



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