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Optical Lab

Photonics laboratories are used mainly to set up, test, evaluate and demonstrate various optical measurement techniques and optical sensor systems and to measure and evaluate electro-optical components such as detectors and light sources and optical components such as optical filters, polarizes lenses, and mirrors.

The equipment includes optical tables with opto-mechanical hardware such as posts, holders, clamps, stages for translation and rotation, and aperturesplus lenses, mirrors, filters, polarizes, etc., all of which are used to construct test set-ups. Complementing this, we have electric measuring instruments of the highest quality and performance that enable us to measure most of the electrical parameters that are relevant for electro-optical components.

We also have a very flexible and proficient spectrometer. With this instrument, we can measure absorption, transmission, reflection, fluorescence, etc. within the wavelength range of 200–1100 nm for solids, liquids as well as biological substances. Illumination of the tests samples can also be varied within the same wavelength ranges.


Sara Bogren
Senior Scientist
+46 70 915 18 08
sara.bogren [at]

Christian Jonasson
Group Manager / Research Scientist
+46 70 915 18 41
christian.jonasson [at]

Anatol Krozer
Senior Expert
+46 (0)70 915 18 06
anatol.krozer [at]