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Acreo Fiberlab

Fiberlab is a uniquely equipped laboratory for research, development, manufacture, and characterization of advanced optical fibers and preforms.

Built in 2001, it is a modern facility custom-built for specialty fiber R&D and production.

Acreo is your perfect R&D partner on specialty fibers. Our capabilities include advanced coating technologies, microstructured fibers and silica capillaries, and doped core preforms. 

We also provide reliable and high quality production resources to partners in Europe and world-wide. Two reference partners are Fibertronix and NKT Photonics.

Our capabilities

Helena ChuckOur expertise is cover a wide range of possible fiber designs and configurations. Download a list of our capabilities here.  

Standard coatings: Acrylates, polyimides, high temperature acrylates, silicones.
Specialty coatings: Hermetic carbon. Specialty polyimides. Pigmented coatings. Custom solutions.
Glass diameters: <50µm to >3000 µm.
Microstructures: Capillaries. Multi-hole designs. Multi-core designs. Gemini structures. Square, rectangular, oval shapes.
Buffer: Nylon, PFA, Tefzel, etc
Extras: Electrode fibers. Precision capillaries. Extreme geometrical tolerances if requested.
Preform glass: Rare-earth doped (Erbium, Ytterbium, Thulium, ..). Germanium, Boron, etc.
Custom preforms and fibers

Contact us to discuss your requirements!


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Björn Byström
+46 (0)76 115 88 75
bjorn.bystrom [at]

Åsa Claesson
Department Manager
+46 (0)70 221 1646
asa.claesson [at]

Mats Eriksson
Process Engineer
+46 (0)76 115 88 69
mats.eriksson [at]

Per Helander
+46 (0)76 115 88 70
per.helander [at]

Stina Jonsson
Production manager
+46 (0)76 101 14 46
Stina.Jonsson [at]

Håkan Olsson
Process Engineer
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hakan.olsson [at]

Niclas Sjödin
Lab Technician
+46 (0)76 115 88 72
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