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Fiber optics sensors and applications lab

Acreo has extensive resources and equipment in fiber optics, in particular, we have a well equipped laboratory for research and development of fiber sensors, components and industrial solutions.

Acreo has instrumentation for characterization of optical fibers, optical fiber preforms, fiber components and systems. 


Equipment Measurement Manufacturer/model
Scanning Electron Microscope
SEM Topography analysis
Hitachi / SEM S-3500N, low vacuum
Energy Dispersive Spectrum System
EDS Composition analysis
Oxford Instruments
Preform Analyzer
Refractive index profile of preforms
GN Nettest / PK 2600
Optical Fiber Analyzer Spectral attenuation
Cut-off wavelength. Modefield diameter.
GN Nettest / PK 2500
Optical Time Domain Reflectometer, OTDR
Light transmission in the fiber.
Single-mode, Multimode
Fourier Transfor Infrared Spectroscopy, FTIR
Material analysis. Fictive temperature.
Bruker / FT-IR Equinox 55 with Hyperion microscope
Chromatic Dispersion Chromatic dispersion GN Nettest / PK 2800
Optical Fiber Refractive Index Analyzer
Refractive index profile of fiber
EXFO / NR-9200
Fiber proof test systems Bend and tension testing
Polarimeter Polarization state
PMD, PDL analysis
Profile / PAT 9000B
Optical Spectrum Analyzers



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Department Manager
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Senior Scientist

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Senior scientist
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Senior Scientist
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Group Manager, Senior Scientist
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