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Fiber Bragg gratings (FBG) laboratory

Fiber Bragg gratings (FBG), long-period gratings (LPG) and chemical composition gratings (CCG) are essential technologies for fiber optical communication and sensoring.

Acreo is a leading expert in fiber grating technologies. We have developed a FBG writing system that is highly controllable and flexible. With the system, we develop gratings in visible wavelengths, for high temperatures and with complex spectral characteristics.

We do not produce FBGs for commercial use but have experienced partners that will carry the developed FBGs to production.

Contact us to discuss how fiber Bragg gratings can help in your application. You may also be intested in our Specialty optical fibers

Fiber bragg gratings

We design and realize e.g. filters at visible wavelengths, long chirped gratings, special sensor arrays, or complex filters.

High temperature gratings

Chemical composition gratings (CCGs) are high temperature stable FBGs, and can therefore be used in demanding sensor applications. The CCGs were invented at Acreo and described in the PhD thesis of M. Fokine, 2002.


Technology: Multiple fringe printing technique, allowing complex grating structures for custom-designed spectral characteristics.

UV source: 100 mW frequency doubled argon-ion laser, wavelength 244nm.

Design and synthesis: Custom-developed softwares.

Grating characteristics:

  • Wavelengths: 500-3000nm
  • Max grating length: 25cm
  • Max chirp: 100nm
  • Apodization, phase profile resolution: 20-100um
  • Writing time for sensor grating (1cm, 80%): 1 min
  • Grating operating temperature: < 1000 C

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