Labs & TestbedCalibration and testing of sensors and systems

Calibration and testing of sensors and systems

Calibration of sensors and systems is a prerequisite in achieving high accuracy and reliability, especially for inertial sensors. During the years, Sensor System department has built up an extensive knowledge about calibration and characterization, a service that we now also offer for 3 party inertial sensors.

Characterisation and testing of sensors is much like trying to find out what is inside a black box without opening the lid. Behavioural models must be confirmed with electrical or optical measurements often under the influence of mechanical stimuli. Sensor System department ´s MEMS lab is probably the most well equipped lab in Sweden for this task:

  • Semi-automatic “Karl Suss PA200-II semiconductor probstation” with optional optical profilometers.
  • Scanning laser doppler vibrometer “Polytec PSV-300-F” with vacuum chamber
  • Precision shaker “Bouch Labs Model 1000AD”
  • Rate table with 3 degrees of freedom “Ideal Aerosmith Model 1601-4-TL” with temerature chamber
  • Climate chamber “Heraes-Vötsch VCL 6010”
  • Electrical measurement instrumentation (Semiconductor parameter analyser, LCR-meters, Spectrum analysers, Waveform generators, Ocilloscopes, Sources, Amplifiers, etc.)

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CTO Sensor Systems
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Senior Expert, Micro System technology
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Senior Scientist
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