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Acreo National Testbed

Acreo National Testbed

The Acreo National Testbed, ANT, is a meeting place for a wide spectrum of regional, national and international institutions and companies working with research and development of today's and tomorrow's ICT products and services within the following testbed focus areas - smart living, eHealth, service distribution and  broadband networks.

End user focus

The focus  of the testbed is the end user. This includes analysis of end users internet traffic patterns and behaviour; advanced high-capacity internet services; studies and evaluation of equipment close to the end user – including telemetry, access and home networks.

ANT is an umbrella of testbed activities

ANT contains many interconnected activities that can be roughly divided into the following activity areas: behaviour, access, services, distribution, sensors, robustness convergence and connectivity.

Common for all testbed activities is that they are performed in real networks using real end users – we call them test pilots! It is our firm belief that testing services and equipment in a real environment is superior compared to the lab tests. The deployed network equipment is often state-of-the-art commercial equipment supplied by our partners, but it can also be a pre-commercial from one of our projects.

Testbed testing

The testbed is open to companies and universities that wish to test their equipment or service in a sophisticated environment with real end users. We have a friendly population of test pilots in the testbed that have agreed to tolerate service downtime, so much tougher tests can be performed than what is the case in commercial production networks. Furthermore, Acreo’s test and developmemt engineers have vast experience and knowledge of different kind of wireless and wireline communication technologies, standards and protocols – including interoperability testing.

Living Lab

In ANT we strive to work in accordance with the concept of Living Labs. It means that the end user is continually involved in the development process – all the way from mapping the end users needs & requirements over prototype development to beta testing within their home in their daily life.

The testbed is open to collaboration in the context of fundamental and applied research along with development or testing of services or equipment with close end user involvement. This could be through either commercial assignments or joint research projects. Acreo is part of the Stockholm Living Lab network.


The prime sponsors for the research projects and activities in the testbed are EU (through FP7 and the Regional development Funds) and VINNOVA. Industrial financing of both small and large projects and/or assignments is another important source of funding.

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