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Field-Trial for Tomorrow’s Internet

Ever increasing traffic on the Internet creates congestion problems, which could be resolved by faster optical fibers. Acreo Swedish ICT and Transmode have taken us one step closer to a technological solution, with a successful transmission of 100 Gbit/s over a 1640 km installed optical fiber in Acreo National Testbed.

Mobile broadband and fiber access has led to a dramatic increase in traffic over the Internet and an increasing need for capacity in optical networks. We are facing a technology shift towards more intelligent and faster optical transmission systems in the so-called coherent systems. 100Gbit/s is now available commercially, as shown by the Acreo and Transmode experiments.

The Acreo National Testbed, ANT, is a meeting place for a wide spectrum of regional, national and international institutions and companies working with research and development of todays and tomorrows ICT products and services. In a successful field-trial a 100Gbit/s signal was transmitted over several already installed optical transmission systems in the Acreo National Testbed. The experiment demonstrates how it is possible to extend existing systems from several different manufacturers, with a 100 Gbit/s signal parallel to the existing traffic at 10 Gbit/s.

"A brilliant example of good cooperation between industry and research institutes. Acreo National Test Bed allows us to demonstrate and evaluate our technology under real conditions, in an environment of interoperable equipment from many manufacturers," says Sten Nordell, CTO at Transmode

In the experiments the optical signal was generated by one of Transmode's 100 Gbit/s line cards. The signal was then coupled to two optical transmission systems to a total length of 1640 km. These two systems, originally designed for transmission at lower bitrates, are installed on separate fibers. The experiment was performed both with and without optical dispersion compensation.

The field-trial was conducted as part of the research project COSYNET funded by Vinnova with Acreo Swedish ICT, KTH, Syntune, Skanova/TeliaSonera and Transmode as partners.

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