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System Integration

Since the 1950s, the incredible pace of electronic integration has allowed for a billion tiny transistors to fit on a few square millimeters of silicon. Our focus is on “More than Moore” and heterogeneous Integration of electronic systems with a broad range of functionalities such as RF, high power, sensors and actuators, optical and biological capabilities. We have the design, packaging, prototyping and verification competences to integrate new materials and components into prototypes or demonstrators.

System Integration, or the realization of new component technology into systems, is becoming increasingly more complex and multi-disciplinary. And everything must be connected to the Internet, wired or wirelessly. All new technology requires system integration and verification before it is fully proven. Advanced design, manufacturing, packaging and assembly methodologies must be utilized to combine next generation component technologies into useable systems that deliver the required next-generation of performance. With advances in more capable CAD and multi-physical domain simulation technology it is possible, and increasingly necessary, to virtually build systems and predict their performance before actually manufacturing anything. Combining our competence and experience in hardware and software design we implement and verify the performance of emerging technologies. We provide access to advanced CAD design tools, high performance computing resources, assembly and packaging capabilities, and measurement equipment to integrate a complete system in a small package. Including the wireless radio link and the embedded software for autonomous operation.

We have developed specialized competences and tools in the areas of electronic/photonic integration, high frequency/high speed electronics, digital signal processing and wireless communications.

Expertise Areas

  • Electronic/Photonic Integration and Embedded Systems
  • High Frequency/High Speed Electronics
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Wireless Communications

Darius Jakonis
Research Scientist
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Christian Jonasson
Group Manager / Research Scientist
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Duncan Platt
Group Manager
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Expertise Areas