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Speciality Optical Fiber

World class optical fibers for sensing, components and systems.

Acreo Fiberlab, our facility for developing specialty optical fiber, was custom built in 2001.

Here, we develop new types of fibers together with national and international R&D and production partners.  

Visit the laboratory page for information on the facility and our capabilities. 

Microstructures, rare earths, and harsh environments

Some of our key competences are on harsh environment fibers, microstructured fibers, and fibers of non-standard geometries. We also have a particular expertise in rare-earth doped glasses.

The RISE Acreo microstructured fibers, including the unique Gemini-fibers, are used to develop new fiber optic functions in sensing, microfluidics and lasers. Our research program include several projects exploiting the unique opportunities opened by these fibers.

Harsh environment solutions include a proprietary hermetic carbon coating that was developed inhouse and verified in field applications. Other coating technologies include high temperature coatings and pigmented polyimides.

Overview papers

The three papers are reprinted with kind permission from Photonics Spectra Magazine.

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Process Engineer
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