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Energy saving and environment are some of the most important challenges in focus over the next decades. Electric and hybrid vehicles, clean electric energy and reliable monitoring systems all rely on power electronics.

Power electronics is becoming more efficient and smarter by the introduction of WBG (Wide Band-Gap) technologies and integration with ICT. The vision of future society encompasses integration of power electronics, WBG (SiC and GaN) technologies and ICT in the structure and management of the multifaceted, smart, total electric energy system, based on renewable energy sources. Some of the elements of the future energy systems are electric energy generation, distribution and storage facilities, industrial infrastructure, mass transportation systems, e-mobility, intelligent houses and data servers.

Power electronics and WBG technology are enablers of electrification. Electrification is a prerequisite for transformation of the energy system to renewables and for sustainable development. Power electronics and WBG technology are enablers for controllability. Controllability is a prerequisite for smart grids.

A platform for cooperation

RISE Acreo is part of the SiC Power Center. The center is a platform for cooperation between industry, research institutes and academia. The main objective of SiC Power Center is to promote introduction of SiC and GaN (WBG) power electronics in the applications where high energy efficiency, compactness and high temperature operation offer significant system advantages. The center explores the full potential of SiC electronics for future applications, increased competitiveness and sustainable development. We cover the whole value chain – from materials and devices to power converters and power conversion systems.

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Acreo has been active in the field of Power Electronics since 1993, covering all aspects of SiC technology from epitaxy to device design and manufacturing, which has resulted in an extensive knowledge base. Resources at Acreo include a complete process line, an electrical evaluation laboratory with high voltage, high current and EMC measurement capabilities and a high performance computing environment. CAD tools are available for the advanced design and electrical, electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical simulation of semiconductor devices, power modules and energy conversion systems.

We offer full scale competence and knowledge in power electronics:

  • Device, module and circuit design
  • Electrical, electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical simulation
  • Device testing
  • Prototype evaluation
  • Experience and knowledge exchange
  • Development co-funding

Mietek Bakowski
Prof/Senior Expert
+46 (0)70 781 77 60
mietek.bakowski [at] ri.se

Eilert Johansson
Senior Project Manager

eilert.johansson [at] ri.se

Konstantin Kostov
Senior Scientist
+46 (0)70 774 77 25
konstantin.kostov [at] ri.se

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