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Micro and Nano Technologies

Micro and Nano scale technology has had an enormous effect on the lives of a majority of the citizens of the world and has enabled everything from the mobile phone, to the internet, to space exploration. We offer access to world-class, ISO certified design, manufacturing and test/verification laboratories that will help you build your next generation nano/micro-electronic, MEMS or photonic system.

Micro/Nanoelectronics and Nanotechnology has to do with devices and materials that have characteristic dimensions that are 1 millionth (micrometer) or 1 billionth of a meter (nanometer) in size. By understanding, controlling, developing and utilizing the fundamental behavior of new materials and structures at these scales we create exciting new capabilities for electronic, photonic or phononic systems. Within this domain we work with technologies identified by the European Union as Key Enabling Technologies essential for the continued improvement of the world’s standard of living and a driver for future economic growth. We develop new semiconductor materials, electronic and photonic devices and systems that create new functionalities and allow for further integration and miniaturization giving higher performance at reduced cost.

We specialize in the areas of nanoelectronics, MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) and Photonics for applications for imaging, high-speed communications, sensors and actuators, and bio/life science.

Want to turn tomorrow's challenges to future solutions? Welcome to RISE Acreo, we have the expertise and the equipment. Visit our lab facilites or give us a call.


Mietek Bakowski
Prof/Senior Expert
+46 (0)70 781 77 60
mietek.bakowski [at]

Per Björk
+46 (0)70 752 77 51
per.bjork [at]

Darius Jakonis
Research Scientist
+46 761158852
darius.jakonis [at]

Christer Johansson
Senior Expert, Professor
+46 72 723 33 21
christer.johansson [at]

Christian Jonasson
Group Manager / Research Scientist
+46 70 915 18 41
christian.jonasson [at]

Stéphane Junique
Senior Scientist
+46 (0)70 772 77 48
stephane.junique [at]

Lars Landén
Research Scientist
+46 70 915 18 32
lars.landen [at]

Magnus Lindberg
Group Manager QLA
+46 (0)70 513 58 89
magnus.lindberg [at]

Lars Pettersson
Research Scientist
+46 (0)76 115 88 66
lars.r.pettersson [at]

Duncan Platt
Group Manager
+46 704 559964
duncan.platt [at]

Teresita Qvarnström
SME Development
+46 707 87 7739
teresita.qvarnstrom [at]

Michael Salter
Group Manager
+46 (0)70 355 5838
michael.salter [at]

Björn Samel
Department Manager
+46 (0)70 475 00 81
bjorn.samel [at]

Qin Wang
PhD/Senior Expert
+46 (0)70 772 78 38 [at]

Roger Wiklund
Service Technician
+46 (0)70 799 78 17
roger.wiklund [at]

Olof Öberg
Development Engineer
+46 70 772 78 19
olof.oberg [at]


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