MEMS based sensor systems conquer the world and are today the obvious choice for automotive and consumer products.

Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems, or MEMS, is a technology that allows microfabrication of miniaturized mechanical and electro-mechanical elements i.e., devices and structures. Using MEMS, a vast number of microsensors have been demonstrated with performances exceeding those of their macroscale counterparts; temperature, pressure, inertial forces, chemical species, magnetic fields, radiation, etc.
At RISE Acreo MEMS technology is a ‘standard tool’ for building inertial sensors for navigation and motion tracking; RF micro switches; IR-sensors; Various bio-chemical sensors; Bio-array reaction vessels; Pressure and stress sensors; Energy harvesters, etc.

MEMS Design, Protyping & Testing

For design we use software tools such as Comsol Multiphisics, Mathlab, Simulink, MathCad, Cadence, L-Edit, etc. For fabrication we use commercial foundries like Silex or advanced research clean room facilities such as the Electrum Laboratory - Nano- and Micro Technology Fab and the MC2 clean room at Chalmers. Acreo possess also very well equipped labs for MEMS sensor and system characterization and testing. Behavioural models must be confirmed with electrical or optical measurements often under the influence of mechanical stimuli. Our characterization labs are probably the most well equipped in Sweden for this task, with:

  • Semi-automatic “Karl Suss PA200-II semiconductor probstation” with optional optical profilometers.
  • Scanning laser doppler vibrometer “Polytec PSV-300-F” with vacuum chamber
  • Precision shaker “Bouch Labs Model 1000AD”
  • Rate table with 3 degrees of freedom “Ideal Aerosmith Model 1601-4-TL” with temerature chamber
  • Climate chamber “Heraes-Vötsch VCL 601
  • Electrical measurement instrumentation (Semiconductor parameter analyser, LCR-meters, Spectrum analysers, Waveform generators, Ocilloscopes, Sources, Amplifiers, etc.)

Gert Andersson
CTO Sensor Systems
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Senior Expert, Micro System technology
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Department Manager
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