Fiber Optics in Production

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Fiber Optics in Production

The optical fiber, with its ability to withstand the harsh environments, provide interferometric solutions for precision sensing, intrinsically safe operations, and the ability to reach hidden spaces, is a unique tool to solve sensing challenges in industrial automation.

RISE Acreo is developing sensor solutions for industrial applications, in collaboration with industrial and R&D partners world-wide.

Fiber Optics offer for industrial applications

  • Expertise in fiber optic sensors and solutions in automation and industrial process control
  • Specialty optical fibers, including fibers for harsh environment and fibers for laser power and lighting
  • Extensive laboratory resources

Current fiber optic activities in the industrial area include

  • Glass materials and power transport fibers for high power laser systems
  • Development of optical fibers for industrial applications
  • Temperature mapping in steel and metal industry
  • Materials analysis system for scrap metal sorting
  • Position sensing system for automated production
  • Customer specific development projects: sensors, instrumentation, and systems

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