Fiber Optics in Life Science

Fiber optics in life science is much more than just light sources and image guides.

The optical fiber enables distributed chemical sensing for environmental monitoring,  portable and precise pH-sensing, process monitoring to control spills and exhausts, laser sources and systems for microscopy, and capillaries for sampling and analysis, to mention a few competitive solutions that are commercially available today.

Novel technologies include areas such as lab-in-a-fiber (optofluidics) and miniaturized technologies for advanced multilumen.

RISE Acreo has an extensive offer in life science

In Fiber Optics, we offer the following:

  • Specialty optical fibers, including biocompatible fibers and capillaries
  • Expertise in fiber optic components, sensors and solutions in life science
  • Extensive laboratory resources

Our current fiber optic activities in the life science area include

  • Laser sources and high speed components for fluorescence microscopy
  • Lab-in-a-fiber - optofluidic platform
  • Specialty optical fibers
  • Customer specific development projects: components, instrumenatation, and minimally invasive systems


Image: bone ablated by laser carried in a 125µm optical fiber

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