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Fiber Optic Sensors and Systems

Fiber optics is basically a thin, flexible and transparent fiber normally made by glass (silica) or polymer used to transport light signals. Fiber optics is widely used for communication purposes, but is also very relevant for sensing applications in production and process industries, medtech and life-science etc.

Fiber optics offers unique features:

  • High bandwidth
  • Immune to interference from electromagnetic fields
  • Allows distributed sensing
  • Biocompatible
  • Intrinsically safe - no electricity at the sensor
  • Can withstand harsh environments (temperatures, ambient)
  • Very small and light-weight

If packaged properly, a fiber can withstand extreme and hostile environments. No need to worry about high electromagnetic fields, and radiative environments can be dealt with. The fiber can act as a sensor over its entire length (distributed fiber sensing), or it can be a single sensor with exceptional performance.

In short - fiber optic sensing provides cost-efficient sensing in a wide range of applications and often offer unique technical performance.

RISE Acreo has expertise in fiber Bragg gratings (FBG), including high temperature gratings (CCGs), and long period gratings and can manufacture these in-house. FBGs and CCGs can measure temperature and strain with good precison and high speed (Mhz).

Another focus area is distributed fiber sensing techniques where we perform research and have industrial co-operations. Distributed sensing techniques are based on scattering mechanism (Rayleigh, Raman and Brillouin) and allow for measuring for example temperature, strain and vibration continuously distributed along a fiber as long as 10km.

Application areas for fiber optic sensors include structural sensing, smart structures and civil engineering, aerospace and security, sensing in oil and gas production, and health monitoring. One of the most common functions is temperature and strain/stress sensing, but a range of other parameters – such as pressure, magnetic field, voltage, chemical species and others – can also be measured.

Acreo is an experienced partner within fiber optic sensors. Current projects include high precision (20nm) sensing, temperature mapping in steel process plants, distributed sensing of vibration and air-pressure etc.Other relevant fiber optic expertise are solutions for harsh environment fiber sensing (eg hermetic fiber), and high temperature fiber Bragg gratings.