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Fiber Optic Sensors and Systems

If packaged properly, a fiber can withstand extreme and hostile environments. No need to worry about high electromagnetic fields, and radiative environments can be dealt with. Fibers are galvanically isolated and need no electrical power which make them very useful in explosive environments.

Fiber optic sensors can measure for example temperature and strain (using FBG-techniqe) with very high precision and high speed (Mhz) at multiple points along a fiber. In the same time the optical fiber also act as a signal cable which reduces the amount of signal and power cables dramatically at multipoint sensor applications.

Fiber optic sensors can also be continuously distributed which means that they can sense along the entire length along a >10 km long fiber. RISE Acreo is performing research and have industrial co-operations within distributed sensing based on Rayleigh, Raman and Brillouin techniques.

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