Broadband and Society

Broadband development requires relevant and trustworthy information to support decision-making. RISE Acreo provides you with extensive market knowledge, in-depth business-case analytical tools, and world-class technical as well as commercial competence to best drive the evolution of broadband and related services.

Strategy advisory

Communication has always been an important driving force for society and broadband evolution is no exception. Public sector and other organizations are often faced with crucial decisions in their broadband planning and operations, as part of their digital agenda (if any), which require knowledge and experience from the public sector combined with competence in broadband technologies.

Acreo offers assistance to municipalities and regions to develop strategies and policies for deployment and development of high-speed broadband and related e-services (e.g. e-health, e-government, e-learning), as a part of their digitalization ambitions.

Socio-economic studies

We conduct studies to estimate the socio-economic effects of your current or planned broadband deployment and related services. The aim of these studies is to provide a quantitative estimation of how much a public investment in broadband infrastructure gives back to society, measured in monetary or non-monetary means.

The analysis is based on a generic model that our research team has developed to carry out an assignment for the Swedish Government’s Broadband Forum and is sometimes referred to as techno-economic analysis or SEROI, Social and Economical Return On Investment.

The model analyses the chain of effects of a broadband deployment, and applies econometric methodologies to evaluate and quantify these effects.

During past years we have conducted several studies for municipalities, regions and network owners in Sweden and Europe and this has proven to be an effective way of understanding the possibilities that these new technologies offer.

Customized ICT studies

Acreo has assisted several municipalities, regions and industry players around Europe in their process of developing a broadband strategy and related services, as well as exploring new business models and solutions.

We perform customized studies and research projects with analysis of business models and evaluation of different technology solutions, such as:

  • Feasibility studies for fiber and broadband deployment
  • Strategic analysis and performance of municipal broadband networks
  • Analysis and development of business models
  • Case studies, market analysis and forecasting
  • Contracted R&D

Internet usage analysis

Through our large network of national and international operators and other players in the IP/telecom world, we are able to retrieve detailed traffic data for analysis (anonymized).

We have a solid experience from analyzing vast volumes of data on packet, flow and application level. These statistics can be used as basis for business and network management decisions, as well as for pure research on Internet traffic, user behaviour and the evolution of network technologies.


We constitute a specialized research team with extensive experience in:

  • ICT/Broadband market understanding and insights
  • Socio-economic analysis (or techno-economic or SEROI) related to ICT/broadband
  • ICT/Broadband technologies (fixed, wireless, platforms, sensors etc.)
  • Business modelling and commercial aspects
  • Analytical and statistical/econometrical methodologies
  • Project management
  • Presentations, seminars and moderating workshops

…with a vast network of international experts, partners and key players.

Our clients

Among our clients we have regions and municipalities throughout Europe, a variety of international and national organisations and authorities, trade organisations, regulators, the European Commission, OECD, EU Interreg as well as different industry players within telecom and ICT.

Selected scientific publications

Forzati, M. Mattsson, C. and Larsen, C. P., Open Access Networks and Swedish market in 2013, ICTON 2010

Forzati, M. Mattsson, C. and Aal-E-Raza, S., Early effects of FTTH/FTTx on employment and population evolution, CTTE 2012

Forzati, M. Mattsson, C. and Larsen, C. P., FTTH-enabled digital home care – A study of economic gains, ICTON 2014

Selected studies

Effekter av digitala tjänster för äldrevård, en ekonomisk studie (acr057005)

Socio-economic return of FTTH investment in Sweden, a prestudy (acr055970)

Stokab, a socio-economic study (acr055698en)

Studie om bredbandspriser i Sverige (acr061393)


Håkan Cavenius
Senior Advisor
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Marco Forzati
Senior Scientist and Project Manager
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Crister Mattsson
Senior advisor
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