Acreo Fiber Optic Center

As a cross disciplinary competence center, Acreo Fiber Optic Center gathers competence and resources in fundamental material science and components technologies in fiber optics to industrial applications and sensing solutions.

The Center was created in 2007, based on the competence and resources at RISE Acreo, four university partners, and around 20 industrial partners.

The Center carries out the following Research projects:

  • Advanced optical fibers: fiber for harsh environment, microstructured fiber, ..
  • Multifunctional fiber components: high speed pulse control, radar components, ..
  • Fibers in life science: OCT, laser ablation, sampling, microfluidics, ..
  • Fiber sensors: distributed sensing, OTDR, low cost sensing, ..

A number of confidential industrial development projects are also carried out within the Center.


As a partner in Acreo Fiber Optic Center, you participate and contribute to the research and development of novel fiber optic technologies. Industrial partners share IP from the Center, and benefit from the network and research carried out. 

The Center's industrial partners represent different industrial sectors, including telecommunications, medical technologies, defense, manufacture and instrumentation.

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The Center received an Institute Excellence Center award from Vinnova, SSF and KK-foundation in 2007.


Åsa Claesson
Department Manager
+46 (0)70 221 1646
asa.claesson [at]

Pär Johanson
Business Development
+46 (0)76 282 77 90
par.johanson [at]