Workshop on Photonic Integration

KTH organize halfday workshop on Photonic Integration as a part of the with EU Marie Curie project GRIFFON (Green Initiative for Future Optical Networks). Acreo and KTH are both partners within GRIFFON project. Dr. Qin Wang from Acreo is giving a talk.

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The workshop is free of charge and open to all but number of participants are limited. Hence, please register before February 10 with your email address in the Doodle:



Photonic integrated circuits, status and prospects, Prof. Lars Thylen, KTH
Integrated photonics, conceived in the 60s at Bell Labs (under the name integrated optics )  and, somewhat erroneously, seen as  an analog to integrated electronics,  has shown a “Moore-like”  development regarding footprint , which has decreased drastically over the decades. The lecture will  comprise some waveguide basics and treat active and passive devices such as modulators, switches, wavelength selective devices. Focus will be on the possibilities  to shrink device dimensions  far below the optical wavelength and reduce power dissipation. The latter is especially important in view of the rapidly increasing power dissipation  in data centers but is of course important for most applications. The role  of optical interconnects in data centers will be treated briefly

Silicon photonics components for data center and radio links, Dr. Gemma Vall-llosera, senior specialist in optical hardware, Ericsson AB
Silicon is and has been the microelectronic material per excellence and it is now also taking the lead for photonic circuitry. Silicon photonics is being used for manufacturing optical integrated passive structures, such as waveguides, Mach-Zehnder modulators, as well as, optical active devices such as micro ring resonators, and also Germanium-based detectors. We will review a few examples of actives and passive devices that we have designed and manufactured in our labs for both data center and radio links. “

Friday, February 17, 2017, 13:00 to 17:00
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ELECTRUM building, Kista, Room Ka211
Kistagången 16
Oskars Ozolins