Regular Meeting of Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG)

VQEG generally has face-to-face meetings twice a year where major decisions are made. These meetings are free to attend and are usually held alternately in Europe, North America, and Asia and last 5 days. There are usually ITU-T Rapporteur meetings held at the same time and location as part of the VQEG meeting. VQEG meetings are held where a host can provide a room to meet and internet access. Some consideration is given to ease and cost of travel and accommodations.
Short about VQEG (

VQEG was born from a need to bring together experts in subjective video quality assessment and objective quality measurement. The first VQEG meeting, held in Turin in 1997, was attended by a small group of experts drawn from ITU-T and ITU-R Study Groups. The general motivation of VQEG is to advance the field of video quality assessment by investigating new and advanced subjective, i.e., subjective assessment methods, and objective, i.e., objective quality metrics and measurement techniques. However, with the exception of some recent contributions on subjective assessment methods for multimedia, VQEG has focused, in the last few years, its effort on the validation of new objective quality metrics for standardization purposes.

Acreo’s participation: Hosting the meeting and lead the meeting as Co-chair during the meeting

Monday, July 7, 2014, 08:00 to Friday, July 11, 2014, 17:00
Acreo Swedish ICT AB
Electrum (Kistagången 16-18/Isafjordsgatan 22), Elevator B, 6th floor
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VQEG regular meeting