Printing functional material in standard printing equipment

Learn about differences between graphical inks and functional materials from a manufacturing perspective. It will give you an introduction to the use of functional materials in high volume manufacturing processes. Focus is on electrochromic displays using standard printing equipment. Hands-on screen printing.

Target group: Operators in printing industry and researchers that want to move from lab to fab.

Course content:
Printed electronics background: From Nobel Prize to state-of-the art in organic and printed electronics, example of printed electronic components - existing and visions, presentation of focus areas in Norrköping

Design and testing: Functional materials - properties and relations (example of materials and their properties, interactions with each other) – what is needed to make components, critical dimensions and other properties, Printed/lasered push buttons, Make a design for sheet screen printed displays, review, laser cutting and ablation. Play with orgacon foil and electrolyte to make your own displays. Lab tour and demonstration of printing equipment, printing of passive materials (e.g. Ag)

Printing materials and equipment: Functional materials in traditional printing equipment. Homogeneous printing (no pinholes) curing, cleaning, ink costs, equipment costs

Printing hands on: Sheet screen printing of displays and demonstration of test methods.

Cost of course is €800 per person

Course is limited to a maximum of 8 trainees
Course fee do not include travel, subsistence and accommodation

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013, 10:00 to Wednesday, October 16, 2013, 16:00
Norra Grytsgatan 7