Optopub - Opto and beyond

The 2nd Optopub event in 2014 was held at Acreo Swedish ICT AB starting at 17:30 on Feb. 27, and 54 participants joined the event. The following two companies were invited to present in this event:

(1) Scint-X AB is invited to present their x-ray detectors based on a silicon structure, where pores are etched to confine the light produced by a scintillator on a detector array.

(2) Mr. Xiaobei Wang from Huawei Technologies Sweden AB will present their company briefly, especially eager to initiate discussions with you on mobile broadband construction, operational excellence, new business models on ICT etc hot topics.

Then, Italian pizza was served with delicious beers at about 18:30, free of charge.


Pictures from the event




Thursday, February 27, 2014, 17:30 to 20:00
Acreo Swedish ICT
Electrum, Isafjordsgatan 22, hiss B, plan 6
Qin Wang