Kun Wang is holding a Licentiate dissertation about 3D-TV


Three-Dimensional (3D) videos are using their success from cinema to home entertainment markets such as TV, DVD, Blu-ray, video games, etc. The video quality is a key factor which decides the success and acceptance of a new service. Visual quality will have more severe consequences for 3D than for 2D videos, e.g. eye-strain, headache and nausea. This thesis addresses the stereoscopic 3D video quality of experience that can be influenced during the 3D video distribution chain, especially in relation to coding, transmission and display stages. The first part of the thesis concentrates upon the 3D video coding and transmission quality over IP based networks. 3D video coding and transmission quality has been studied from the end-users’ point of view by introducing different 3D video coding techniques, transmission error scenarios and error concealment strategies. The second part of the thesis addresses the display quality characterization. Two types of major consumer grade 3D stereoscopic displays were investigated: glasses with active shutter (SG) technology based display, and those with passive polarization technology (film patterned retarder,FPR) based display.

The main outcomes can be summarized in three points: firstly the thesis suggests that a spatial down-sampling processworking togetherwith high quality video compressing is a efficient means of encoding and transmitting stereoscopic 3D videos with an acceptable quality of experience. Secondly, this thesis has found that switching from 3D to 2D is currently the best error concealment method for concealing transmission errors in the 3D videos. Thirdly, this thesis has compared three major visual ergonomic parameters of stereoscopic 3D display system: crosstalk, spatial resolution and flicker visibility. The outcomes of the thesis may be of benefit for 3D video industries in order to improve their technologies in relation to delivering a better 3D quality of experience to customers.


Industrial Supervisor: Prof. Kjell Brunnström, Acreo Swedish ICT AB
Academic supervisor: Prof. Mårten Sjöström, Mid Sweden University
Opponent: Prof. Hans-Jürgen Zepernick,  Blekinge Tekniska Högskola

Friday, May 17, 2013,
10:15 to 12:30
Mid Sweden University Sundsvall