IPSO Conference 2013 - Innovative Printed Smart Objects

Printed electronics will be probably the major (r)evolution of Electronics during the next 20 to 30 years. The potential applications have no limits only the limits of what we can imagine. IDTechEx analysts mention that printed electronics could represent 300 billions of dollars at the beginning of the 20's. Part of these applications will be Smart Objects or intelligent integrated systems, which, according to OE-A roadmap, will go from RFID tags, simple batteries and sensors, textile integrated photodetectors to memories for intelligent or logistic applications, integrated displays, intelligent ticketing, miniaturized diagnosis systems and many others.

In this context and at the beginning of the emergence of printed electronics field, ARCSIS, a French professional association of electronics actors, in collaboration with the "Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne / Centre Microélectronique de Provence" and the competitiveness cluster SCS (Secured Communicating Solutions), organizes a conference dedicated to "Innovative Printed Smart Objects", IPSO, on November 28th and 29th, 2013,  in Gardanne (Aix en Provence area, Southern France). The objective of this event is to bring together experts and leaders of smart objects world, interested in these technologies, with suitable cost requirements.
This workshop will give the opportunity to have a state of the art description of electronic printing and to have talks by materials specialists (inks, substrates...), equipment manufacturers, technology experts and leaders on applications and potential demands.The keynote speaker, Loïc Liétar, Executive Vice President, New Ventures, from STMicroelectronics, will open the conference. This event will gather together worldwide specialists in the domain who will share their expertise as speakers:

Åbo Akademi University - Ronald Österbacka 
Acreo Swedish ICT - Peter Andersson Ersman *
CEA - IRAMIS - Dr Thomas Berthelot
CEA-Liten - Romain Coppard
Ceradrop - Mathias Borella
Delft University - Ryoichi Ishihara
EMSE-CMP - Henda Basti
EPFL - Danick Briand
Fraunhofer IPA - Yu Zhang
Fraunhofer ISC - Dr. Sabine Amberg-Schwab
IDTechEx - Dr Guillaume Chansin
Imperial College - Iain McCulloch
Intrinsiq Materials - Ian Clark
Linköpings University - Magnus Berggren
LP3 - Anne-Patricia Alloncle
Oxford Lasers - Dimitris Karnakis
PiezoTech - Fabrice Domingues Dos Santos
Poly'Ink - Guillaume Krosnicki
Roth & Rau - Freek C. Smits
Schneider - Yasser Moumneh
Séribase - Patrick Caldamone
SIJTechnology - Dr. Kazuhiro Murata
STMicroelectronics - Igor Bimbaud
STMicroelectronics - Loïc Lietar

* Integration of printed electronic components into versatile systems on flexible substrates: A technology platform based on electrochemical transistors and electrochromic displays printed from organic materials on flexible substrates is presented. The devices are manufactured by using standard printing tools and operated below 3 V, and the device manufacturing is further simplified by that only a small set of materials is employed. Examples of printed electronic systems will be presented, such as active and passive matrix addressed displays, touchless sensor interfaces, secure user authentication applications and a novel approach to obtain reconfigurable systems utilizing self-adhesive active materials.

Thursday, November 28, 2013, 08:30 to Friday, November 29, 2013, 16:00
Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint-Etienne Gardanne
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IPSO Conference 2013