IMAGIC Seminar Days 2010

"Frontiers in IR and X-ray imaging”


The IMAGIC seminar days 2010 were held on Nov 23rd and 24th, hosted by Acreo and Scint-X AB.

The first day was dedicated to IR imaging and the second day to X-ray techniques. The event was held in the Electrum salen, Kista, and included a poster session and exhibition as well as a packed schedule of presentations from both international and national experts.

The topics covered included novel techniques, component technology, and application areas that require IR or X-ray imaging. (See the complete programme below.)

Highlights included

  • Pixel-level vacuum packaging of IR detectors, presented by Pierre Castelein of CEA-LETI
  • The fusing of NIR and FIR technology, presented by Werner Ritter from Daimler AG
  • Multi-colour T2SL, presented by Robert Rehm of Fraunhofer
  • Smarter information and decision-making by the addition of software to the camera system, presented by Daniel Ferm (Axis Communications AB) and Lennart Jansson (Firefly AB)
  • Phase contrast, a new way of achieving enhanced contrast in x-ray imaging, presented by Guillaume Potdevin (University of Munich), Jan Jakubek (Czech Technical University), and Matthias Simon (Philips Research Aachen), among others.
  • TFT-based large areas x-ray detectors, presented by Renato Turchetta from Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
  • Efficient image processing algorithms, a must in various applications, especially medical diagnosis, presented by Jerker Edén Strindberg (Medicinsk Röntgen AB)

This is the fourth year that the IMAGIC seminar days have been organised, and the first time that the event has been held over a 2-day period, - previously it was only a one day event. This turned out to be highly popular. A few statistics are:

  • A total of 160 people registered for the event. (~130 for the IR-day and ~100 for the X-ray day.)
  • ~half of those registered came from industry, and the other half from universities, institutes and public bodies.
  • 28 companies were represented.

The number of attendees has steadily increased over the years, from 50 people at the first event to the present number. We are pleased that the event is becoming known and appreciated as an increasingly popular place to meet, exchange technical knowledge and experience, and network. 



23 Nov:

  • Pierre Castelein (CEA-LETI): IR Imaging at CEA-LETI : an overview
  • Werner Ritter (Daimler): Sensor fusion for improved road safety
  • Robert Rehm (Fraunhofer): InAs/GaSb superlattice technology
  • Oscar Gustafsson (KTH): Dot-to-bulk: a new quantum-dot based material concept for next generation LWIR imaging
  • Per Ericsson (Acreo): Novel solutions for low-cost IR imaging
  • Leif Lagerkvist (SAAB): IR applications for security and defence solutions within the marine domain
  • Daniel Ferm (Axis): Axis thermal cameras
  • Lennart Jansson (Firefly): Fire and explosion prevention with IR detection.
  • Anders Dahlberg (Flir Systems): Security applications for thermal cameras
  • HenkMartijn (IRnova): Key technologies for focal plane array manufacturing
  • Susan Savage (Acreo): IMAGIC makes the invisible visible

24 Nov:

  • Guillaume Potdevin (Univ Munich): Grating-based x-ray phase-contrast and dark-field imaging: perspectives and challenges
  • Renato Turchetta (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory): Large area CMOS image sensor for x-ray imaging
  • Matthias Simon (Philips Research Aachen): Increasing clinical value with improved detectors
  • Jan Jakubek (Czech Technical University): X-ray imaging and tomography with high spatial resolution and ultra-high contrast
  • Christian Lockowandt (Rymdbolaget): Why x-rays in space?
  • Hans Hertz (KTH): New x-ray sources for high definition images
  • Olof Svenonius (Scint-X): Innovative scintillator technology for x-ray imaging
  • Mats Danielsson (KTH): New detectors for medical x-ray imaging
  • Christer Fröjdh (Mid Sweden University): Energy-sensitive detectors for radiation monitoring and imaging
  • Görgen Nilsson (ScandiDos): 4D measurement technique for safe advanced radiation therapy
  • Gustav Wolrath (Mantex): Determination of moisture content using dual energy X-ray absorptiometry
  • Jerker Edén Strindberg (Medicinsk Röntgen AB): X-ray image processing
Tuesday, November 23, 2010, 10:00 to Wednesday, November 24, 2010, 18:00